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Hello reader!

I recently found that spark to write again. I love writing as much as I love reading. There are so many great works on this site, and there is no greater joy than finding that community that shares the same passion and enjoy these activities as much as I do.

I love it when people add on to my stories! I know I've taken my spin on many other stories on this site. There is so much originality around.

Thanks, and write on!

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.... the shadow knows!!!!
A gesture is all thats needed,
To brighten someone's day.
Sleepy here~! I joined to get a move on my uber slow writing process. Feel free to tell me the faults of my stories.

I have a policy on drawing (most) the pictures for my own works. :D
Firstly, and most importantly I'm a Christian! Other than that, I like to read, I hope to be an author, and chocolate is the bee's knees! XD Please have fun continuing, messing with, or reading my stories...I intend to do the same for you!
I love writing!!!! If you ever have any questions or comments, email me at grandpasgirl9945atyahoo
I am all about spreading poetry to people who may or may not know that it truly is their passion and by my writtings i hope to convey the importantance of poetry as a whole and on the multiple levels that each and every one of my poems posses
Hey! Okay, so I'd like to start off my saying, thanks so much if you read my stories on here
I guess this is the part where I talk about what I'm doing on this website with my writing being shared openly:
I'm a writer. (I'm also a photographer, but this is mostly a place for my writing.) I write my thoughts, ideas, and stories down. I write because it's my passion, I don't do it for others. I've been writing since I was in second grade and haven't stopped since, despite all of the things that I've gone through since then. I would love to hear feedback on my work and be able to find more ways to improve, so comments are appreciated.
Thank you & Keep on writing no matter what!
What does it mean to exist as a person......
I love to write. That's why I'm here. Duh. Anywho, any constructive criticism is always welcome. However, just because you suggest that I change something doesn't mean I will change it. Happy reading, and I hope whatever I end up writing will be interesting to somebody on here. Thanks for reading!
Its been a long time since ive been here and a lot has changed i just hope to keep working on my books as well as short story. today is the day that i post a story ive been working on for a few months. Its personal to me.

If I have to do it again, I would never ever taken the road less traveled by - it's that way for a reason! Love food and always enjoy humor and a good read. Also love to write but never seemed to be able to put together more than a chapter or two .... so here I am!
I'm not really sure what to say on here at the moment. I'm a very big fan of wrighting but never been any good at it. I got a leaning disabilaty along with not being any good at spelling, so please forgive me for that. I'm very happy to have you read my work and to read yours'. Happy wrighting!! ^-^!!
Hi my real name is Kathy, you might have read one of my stories before but I forgot my username and password so.... Anyway I love writing, music, reading, and anything with words and fantasy. I believe in God (Pentecostal christian) so a lot of my stories will be very christiany. But please don't let that stop you from reading my stories. I'm writing to prove that that a person can have faith and right amazing stories so please enjoy. In a lot of my stories you'll see a lot of famous and non famous(Cause I made it up) characters. I hope people like my writing and that whoever is reading this likes it to. Power to the pen!
Hello there! My name is Jude Alan and I love to write about anything and everything! I do mostly poetry, but have some drafted short stories that may end up on here eventually. If you would like for me to write a poem about anything, just message me and let me know!
Hello! I'm new to this site as of today! (June 11th, 2011) Um.. I don't know if you guys will be interested in my stories or not, but I am writing what I like, I believe if I do so, there will also be some people who will also like it.

Sorry for the mistake of the story "Angel's Wrath", I didn't know what I was doing and I made "Page One" and "Page Two" two different stories... They're suppose to be the same.

I WILL old names for new stories because I AM lazy. Thinking of new names is not important, but the story is the most important thing in my opinion. Evil is just as evil if it had a different name (similar to quote from "Romeo and Juliet", I forgot it but this IS similar to it).

My stories might not be just one type, they might be mixed from love stories to adventure stories to action stories. I will label them as best as I can.

Last note: I encourage readers to read "Angel's Wrath - Page One" first if you're willing to read the series "Angel's Wrath".
I was born, raised, educated, and live in the state of Georgia. I don't regret my life here, except for the mosquitos and the sad fact that people don't like to forget. There is so much heritage in America, so much opportunity to improve and overcome past cultural obstacles and heal wounds. I love writing, art, acting, and playing the piano and violin. I was homeschooled fifth grade through my high school graduation. I like to write about what's important to me, like family. I love writing fiction. There is absolutely no limit except what you give yourself. You can be yourself 100% on pen and paper. Home
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