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Site Use – We invite your participation as a writer starting a new story or contributing to an on going story. Our goal is to provide a public forum where inspiring writers of all ages can test their writing prowess. You can write the entire story here but understand that other authors may and will add to your stories and open up a new path altogether, it's part of the "fun" and is expected and encouraged at NoteFiction.

User Account – Pen name accounts created soley to manipulate rating results are strictly prohibited. We at NoteFiction reserve the right to discover and suspend such accounts at our discretion after notifying the account of our discoveries and intention. You must also not misrepresent your identity or affiliation in any way nor assist nor permit any persons in engaging in any of the activities described above.

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Submitted Content – Your content is of your own creation including any and all illustrations uploaded to our server. The submitted content has to be original meaning it's not a duplicate of your content from any other venue (such as print, web site or other media format). Once content is submitted to notefiction.com web site, you may not repost the exact content to any other venue as mentioned. Submissions that are not considered as neither fiction nor poetry on our site are journals and diaries unless it is used in a context of your fiction plot. Your content and illustration must not solicit, promote or advertise any products or services or for any other commercial purpose nor will it contain reference(s) to any sponsorship, petition, campaign, scheme or chain message. Your content must not provide any form of URL linking or would be an infringement of copyright. We reserve the right to remove/delete such content if the rightful owner notify us of such violation to their copyrighted material. Additionally, your writing must not make reference to any users of the site or insulting, threatening, abusive, or discriminatory against any religions or groups. Subjects of your writing must not be offensive, vulgar, unlawful, infringing, harmful, harassing, defamatory, sexually explicit, hateful or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, any material that exploits children or is invasive of or in breach of another person's privacy or other rights or any material that is illegal or immoral and which Notefiction.com in its sole discretion does not wish posted or transmitted on the site; In addition, your story or poem is not used to solicit feedbacks nor input nor reference other site(s). Our Fan Page Discussion Tab is set up for such endeavors. We reserve the right to remove/delete in full or edit the offending parts of such submissions that violate our guidelines from displaying and/or have the account suspended without prior notice.

Duplicate Content – You agree NOT to post same content to more than one category. Additionally, you will utilize the Add Chapter functionality to continue your story. Notefiction reserve the right to pull such duplicate content after the first violation without prior notice. We will not be responsible for lost of content as a result of this violation.

Language – Keep it clean and entertaining for all. Do not use profanity, swear words or crude or sexual language. Offenders to this rule will be subjected to account suspension and submitted content remove or edited at our sole discretion.

Indemnity – You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Notefiction, its affiliates and any of its and their directors, employees, agents and contractors harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, costs (including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees) or other expenses that arise directly or indirectly out of or from (i) your breach of this agreement; and/or (ii) your activities in connection with this site.

Account Suspension – Offenders to our terms of use will have their account suspended indefinitely and possibly some or all of their contributions up to the time of suspension removed at our discretion.

Images/Illustrations posted – The user has agreed not to post any images that they do not own. The user also agreed not to post any images that are deemed unrelated to the story nor pornographic or sexually offensive to the general community. Should a copyright issue arise from a posted image on our site and the rightful owner has proof and made the request to us to pull it from our site, we will notify you and promptly pull it down until the matter is resolved. The image should not be in offensive in nature, no nudity and should not be in violation of any local indecency laws. We reserve the right to pull any such images we deem to be in violation. All images uploaded to our site we reserve the right to use in Public Relations Campaign and/or Marketing campaign with your prior approval.

Right of Usage – By contributing your written work on our site, we reserve the right to use any and all of the content submitted for promotional and/or marketing purposes of our site. If we select your work for any revenue generating purpose, advance notification via email will be made to you of such intention.